From the Consumer Service Office of the Regional Council of Terra Alta we carry out the collaboration agreement·between the Catalan Consumer Agency and the Regional Council of Terra Alta, to coordinate the consumer activities, to assist citizens of the towns in the region, in various activities in defense of consumers and users:

a) Information to consumers and users about their rights and how to exercise them.

b) Customer queries, claims and complaints of consumers and users.

c) Processing of complaints with derived mediations.

d) If mediation is not possible and they opt for consumer arbitration, move the request·to the Junta Arbitral de Consum de Catalunya or Junta Arbitral de Consum de Catalunya.

e) Promotion of mediation and arbitration as means of resolving consumer disputes and promote the adhesion of companies and organizations in the Junta Arbitral de Consum de Catalunya.

f) Deployment in the region of campaigns of inspection and systematic control that they are planned periodically by the Agència Catalana del Consum, in accordance with the prepared instructions and protocols from the Agència Catalana del Consum.

g) Realization of sampling and necessary analyzes of products and goods, if it is necessary, when there is a complaint or when it is indicated, for mentioned products in the protocols of campaigns and systematic control.

h) Attention to alarms concerning dangerous products to be addressed from Agència Catalana del Consum, processing them according to the instructions outlined for each.

i) Dissemination of consumer policies, preparation and conducting briefings, training and education about consumer issues with local governments, schools and colleges, consumer associations, unions, associations or federations of traders or service companies of the region, in coordination with Seccions Territorials de l’Agència Catalana del Consum and / or the central unit of Agència Catalana del Consum.



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